Robert Tisserand interviewed on ingestion, dilution and other safety issues

In December 2014 I was interviewed by Labron Allen, a functional medicine nutritionist based in Texas, for his Health Alert radio show. This is a full transcript of the podcast, which you can find here or here. Many thanks to Anne Bankowski for the transcription.

Labron Allen Labron Allen

I’m your host Labron Allen: This is Health Alert. Grab your cup of coffee, find your most comfortable chair and have a listen this Saturday morning.

If you remember last week I promised that I was going to have a special guest, […]

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Australian Tea Tree Industry Insights

I spoke with Tony Larkman, CEO of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association, about the nonprofit he heads, his own introduction to essential oils, and issues facing the essential oils industry and tea tree oil in particular.

tony larkman

Tony Larkman was born and raised in Kenya. After travelling extensively through Africa, Europe and the Middle East he returned to East Africa in 1986 to work first as a purchasing officer and then as a pig farmer before moving to Australia in 1992. Over the next 17 years Tony turned his […]

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Florian Birkmayer: aromatherapists & psychiatrist

Florian BirkmayerFlorian Birkmayer, M.D., founded the Birkmayer Institute in 2009 to offer holistic person-centered psychiatry and addiction medicine as well as seminars and workshops on a wide range of holistic topics to facilitate self-transformation and continued self-development. This approach has been inspired by C.G. Jung’s ideas about Individuation, which is the journey of the limited ego to the Higher Self. His emphasis in holistic psychiatry is on Equine-assisted therapy, person-centered psychotherapy and holistic medication management including aromatherapy.

I met Dr. Birkmayer in February 2013, when he attended a weekend seminar […]

Aromatherapy: the big picture

In September 2010 I gave two presentations at an IFA conference in Tokyo. One of them was called: Forty years of aromatherapy evolution: 1970-2010. There were 475 attendees, and I suspect this was the largest aromatherapy conference ever held. You can see some photos here.

After the conference, I went to the office of the Aroma Environment Association of Japan. In 2010 the AEAJ had 50,000 members, and their substantial office reflects the size of the organization. While I was there they filmed a 36 minute interview with me, which was due to be screened in March 2011 at the […]

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Essential oils and chemical ecology: interview with Kelly Ablard

I met Kelly when I gave a talk in April 2011 in Sidney BC, for the British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists . Kelly is on the BCAPA Board and is working on her PhD dissertation in Chemical Ecology at Simon Fraser University. She recently returned from Java Indonesia, where she conducted research on slow loris toxin for a BBC film.

What is chemical ecology?

Chemical ecology is the study of chemicals that mediate interactions between living organisms and their environment. These are known as semiochemicals. The subclass used for […]

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Ron Guba on essential oils and skin cancer

During my mini-tour of Australia in October 2010 I interviewed Ron Guba in Melbourne. Some of this interview is shown above, in which Ron talks about his use of essential oils to treat very small, early-stage skin cancers or pre-cancerous lesions. These were not cancers that required urgent medical intervention.

The main types of skin cancer include:

  • Solar (or actinic) keratosis (a precursor to SCC)
  • Squamous celle carcinoma (SCC)
  • Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)
  • Melanoma

Melanoma (a.k.a. malignant melanoma) is the rarest, but most virulent type of skin cancer. You can find more detailed information on the different types of skin cancer 

Essential oils in soap: interview with Kevin Dunn

Special thanks to Ken Harper of for making this interview available in Spanish: Este entrevista en Español!

Kevin M Dunn has a PhD in Chemical Physics and is currently the Elliott Professor of Chemistry at Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia. His book, Caveman Chemistry, brought him to the attention of soapmakers and he subsequently directed a series of research projects on the chemistry of handcrafted soap. This culminated in a second book, Scientific Soapmaking, which was published in 2010. More information here.

Kevin Dunn […]

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