Essential oils as medicines

The following text is the editorial comment in Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Vol. 1 issue 1 2012. I have reproduced it in full as it expresses my own sentiments more eloquently and economically than I could do myself. The editor is Paul Schnitzler, who works at the Department of Infectious Diseases, University of Heidelberg Medical School, Germany.

“Plants produce primary and secondary metabolites, which have been exploited by humans for many different beneficial purposes. Many secondary plant metabolites, e.g. terpenes, terpenoids, alkaloids and phenolic compounds have been well characterized. Essential oils are considered the chemical weapons of plants, as their compounds […]

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Olfaction and cerebrospinal fluid

Gina Flores Gina Flores

Hi, my name is Gina Flores! A couple of weeks ago I asked Robert if he knew of any research linking olfaction with the lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid, and he sent me links to a couple of recent and fascinating papers. This inspired me to write the article you will find here which goes into anatomical detail. Ever since I read Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages of Water, I have not stopped thinking about water, embryonic development, phylogenetics, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), essential […]

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