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Essential Oils and Seasonal Affective Disorder

by Robert Tisserand

sad girl on the windowsill looking out the windowFeeling unusually sad is not uncommon in the winter months. Classic (winter based) seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder, affecting people with otherwise normal mental health. Symptoms include difficulty waking up in the morning, nausea, tendency to oversleep and overeat, cravings for carbohydrates, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating or completing tasks, withdrawal from friends, family and social activities and decreased sex drive. While sharing many symptoms with clinical depression, the main distinguishing factor of SAD is its seasonal character.



There […]

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Ten reasons why you should not support SCA 2011

The Environmental Working Group, who have given birth to this legislation, is an incompetent organization that does not understand the science of toxicology, does not understand natural products, and that takes a biased, negative view of safety, often seeing dangers that do not exist.

  1. SCA 2011 requires that all ingredients of ingredients must be declared on product labels or company websites (where labels are not large enough). This unfairly targets companies that make natural products. A product containing several herb extracts and/or essential oils will have an ingredient list with thousands of ingredients. […]
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Q&A: Essential Oils Can Help Dry Scalp, Dandruff

Q&AHow can I use essential oils to help my dry, flaky scalp?

Every day we lose dead skin cells from our scalp, and when more than usual are lost they clump together forming the white or grey flakes we call dandruff. Dandruff can form when the scalp is either too dry or too oily. Recently a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale, which lives naturally on the scalp, has been implicated in the development of dandruff.

scalpTea tree oil is active against Pityrosporum ovale and in […]

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Essential oils in soap: interview with Kevin Dunn

Special thanks to Ken Harper of tendigitgifts.com for making this interview available in Spanish: Este entrevista en Español!

Kevin M Dunn has a PhD in Chemical Physics and is currently the Elliott Professor of Chemistry at Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia. His book, Caveman Chemistry, brought him to the attention of soapmakers and he subsequently directed a series of research projects on the chemistry of handcrafted soap. This culminated in a second book, Scientific Soapmaking, which was published in 2010. More information here.

Kevin Dunn […]

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Q&A: Essential oils for pain management

Q&AWendy N. writes:
Hi Robert, I trust this finds you well. Can you direct me to any research that discusses the use of essential oils & aromatherapy in pain management please? I am currently doing some training at an aged and palliative care facility and this is one of the topics they wish me to cover. Thanks and warmest regards
Wendy 🙂


Hi Wendy, well the simplest thing to do is to go HERE,
and this is probably more than you want, but I don’t have an alternative, simple answer at this point. […]

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Negative bias

Safety legislation does not always accord with current knowledge on safety, for the simple reason that new scientific data are always being published. Guidelines are periodically made more stringent, but they are almost never loosened, even when new information suggests that this would make sense. Regulators don’t like to admit that they were wrong, and this is especially true of the European Union. In the United States, although the FDA has few regulations that directly restrict cosmetic ingredients, most manufacturers, especially the larger ones, follow both IFRA guidelines and EU regulations. Taken together, these result in some extremely stringent […]

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Cats and essential oil safety

myrtle copy Myrtle

Some quite strong feelings and opinions have been expressed about essential oils and cats, and a frequently asked question is “Is it safe to diffuse essential oils around cats?”. Diffusing essential oils can be toxic to humans if it’s over-done, causing neurological symptoms such as headache or fatigue. In general, making long lists of specific oils that are allegedly “safe” or “toxic” to cats doesn’t make a lot of sense to me – it’s more about overall exposure. You can diffuse essential oils around cats safely, so long […]

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Olfaction and cerebrospinal fluid

Gina Flores Gina Flores

Hi, my name is Gina Flores! A couple of weeks ago I asked Robert if he knew of any research linking olfaction with the lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid, and he sent me links to a couple of recent and fascinating papers. This inspired me to write the article you will find here which goes into anatomical detail. Ever since I read Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages of Water, I have not stopped thinking about water, embryonic development, phylogenetics, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), essential […]

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Uncorked! The Natural Perfumers Guild blogging event 6.1.11

UncorkedFINALwebjpg-1My father was born in London in 1911. He always told me it was easy to remember, because it was the year before the Titanic sank (who knew?). His parents were both French, so his first language was French, and he learned English when he went to school at the age of five or six. He grew up speaking both languages. In 1939 he was conscripted into the British Army and worked mostly as a clerk, keeping records of supplies (his pre-war job was in a bank, keeping records). While still in […]

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World’s oldest perfumes discovered

The world’s oldest known perfumes have been found on the island reputed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty, Italian archaeologists announced. Discovered on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in 2003, the perfumes date back more than 4,000 years, said excavation leader Maria Rosaria Belgiorno of the National Research Council in Rome.

Remnants of the perfumes were found inside an ancient 3,230-square-foot (300-square-meter) factory that was part of a larger industrial complex at Pyrgos. The buildings were destroyed during an earthquake in 1850 B.C., but perfume bottles, mixing jugs, and stills were preserved under […]

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