Help please…today i was told that lavender essential oil can not be used when using estrogen cream therapy because of it’s phytoestrogen content…do you know of any research i could read about this or is this just an outrageous sweeping statement?
Lauren, via Facebook

Lauryn, lavender oil has an in vitro estrogenic action, as do many foods and natural substances (phytoestrogens) but most of these have a negligible effect in reality. To start putting out contraindications for lavender oil until we know more is scaremongering in my opinion. No-one yet knows which constituent(s) of the oil interact with estrogen receptors, nor what the interaction involves (could promote estrogen, or block it). Either way, it’s very likely that the effect is so minimal as to be a non-issue, unless you are talking about ingesting the oil daily in quite large amounts.

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