Doing some research on Cedarwood EO for an event I am doing. I do understand that it is very high in Sesquiterpenes (95% to 98%), but some sites are claiming that Cedarwood can oxygenate the brain and that it can repair DNA damage! I don’t know how much of those claims are true?
Thanks, Devita

Hi Devita,

There are several cedarwood oils, but unspecified usually means Virginian. Virginian cedarwood is indeed high in sesquiterpenes: alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene and thujopsene being about 80% of the oil, plus 15% cedrol and many other minor constituents.

Sesquiterpenes are generally regarded as safe.

Oxygenate the brain – that’s a very odd claim for an essential oil! No essential oils oxygenate body tissues or organs – see my blog post on this: The Oxygenation Myth.

Repairing DNA damage would be a good thing (and antioxidants do this, not pro-oxidants!) but there’s no research showing that either cedarwood oil or any of its major constituents has this (antigenotoxic) action. This does not mean that cedarwood oil could not repair DNA damage, just that no-one has researched it, so we don’t know.

I hope this helps,

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