China Report 2014

On Thursday July 24th, I left home for my second visit to the People’s Republic of China! (see report and video of my first visit here, and pics here) This time I was invited by a Beijing-based aromatherapy school, Floralwish. The most obvious difference from my 2011 trip was the weather – instead of November’s freeze, I encountered a very warm and humid August, with average temps of around 90F. And this time, after my weekend seminar in Beijing, I was going to repeat it a week later […]

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Q&A: Essential oils for internal use?

Hi Robert, I wondered what the current advice/research is regarding the internal use of essential oils – specifically using oils on tampons? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Adele – one important point is that, as with all other ways essential oils are applied to the body, they must first be diluted in a suitable medium, such as a gel. The risk of not doing this is that any concentrated essential oil could cause irritation, or even an allergic reaction. I suggest using no more than one or two drops […]

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Q&A: Lavender oil and cancer

This question combines two recent topics – lavender oil and cancer – and shows that strange information continues to swirl about…

Q&ABeverley H writes
Hi Robert
One of the first references I use when looking up contra-indications is your book with Tony Balaczs – Essential Oil Safety. I understand that you are working on a new edition so no doubt there is more information available than is presently in the book I have.

This morning one of my graduates contacted me. An essential oil supply store in her area has added a caveat to […]

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Q&A: Ylang-ylang safety in perfume

Q&ACory T asks
What do you think is the upper safety level for Ylang-ylang in an oil based perfume? I have looked at the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guideline and I’m not sure what to think about it. Thanks if you have an answer. I would appreciate it.


Hi Cory, thank you for your support! I would go along with the IFRA guideline of 0.8%. Ylang-ylang is, relatively speaking, one of the most skin-reactive essential oils. I don’t always agree with IFRA guidelines, but I think this is a good one.

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