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Over many years, Robert has shared his expertise with audiences in 15 countries and five continents. Robert’s educational activities are always evidence-based and most of the time this means based on published research. Join him at one of his live seminars and experience his knowledge first hand.

Upcoming Live Events

september 2017

2sep - 3All DayIFPA conference and post-conference seminarIFPA conference and post-conference seminar
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History of Live Events


  • 1981-1997 (one day seminar twice each year, so 34 times) Introduction To Aromatherapy, London, UK
  • 1983-1998 Tisserand Aromatherapy Diploma Course (300 in-class hours, 400 home study hours) London UK. Approximately 1,000 students graduated in total over the period.
  • 1989-1994 Also taught/lectured in Belfast, Boca Raton, Boulder, Santa Fe, New York, Rotterdam, Oslo and Stockholm



  • June 13/14: Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology: The Actions of Aromatic Compounds in the Body. London, UK


  • April 5/6: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Santa Barbara, USA
  • April 26/27: Clinical Safety in Aromatherapy: The Way Forward. Prague, Czech Republic
  • July 26/27: Clinical Safety in Aromatherapy: The Way Forward. Beijing, China
  • August 2/3: Clinical Safety in Aromatherapy: The Way Forward. Shanghai, China
  • August 23/24 Essential Oils in Skin Care. New York NY, USA
  • September 27/28: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Petaluma, USA
  • October 18/19: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • November 8: 2014 Essential Oil Kinetics and their Consequences. Niagara Falls, Canada


  • February 9/10: Essential Oils & Chronic Disease. Santa Cruz CA, USA
  • June 22/23: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Point Richmond CA, USA
  • August 24/25 Essential Oils in Skin Care. New York NY, USA


  • March 31/April 1: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Point Richmond CA, USA
  • May 12/13: Aromatherapy Research & the Synergy of Constituents. London, UK
  • October 27/28: Essential Oils in Skin Care. Point Richmond CA, USA
  • November 17: Essential Oil Bioactivity: Molecules of Communication. Hong Kong
  • November 18: Taking the Ache Out of Aging. Hong Kong


  • April 2/3: Published Research & Clinical Practice. Sidney BC, Canada
  • September 3/4: Aromatherapy Research & the Synergy of Constituents. Ithaca NY, USA
  • October 15/16: Aromatherapy Research & the Synergy of Constituents. Miami FL, USA
  • November 19/20: How to Harness the Healing Power of Essential oils. Beijing, China
  • November 25: Antioxidant Protection with Essential Oils. Seoul, Korea


  • May 15: Essential Oil Therapeutics. San Diego CA, USA
  • May 22/23: Essential Oil Therapeutics. Hopkins MN, USA
  • July 24/25: Essential Oil Therapeutics. Taipei, Taiwan
  • August 27/28: Aromatherapy: Fact & Fiction. Pheonix AZ, USA
  • September 20: Protection & Communication. Tokyo, Japan
  • October11: The Evidence Base for Clinical Aromatherapy. Brisbane, Australia
  • October 16: The Evidence Base for Clinical Aromatherapy. Sydney, Australia
  • October 17: The Evidence Base for Clinical Aromatherapy. Melbourne, Australia


  • 2015 Therapeutic Foundations of Essential Oils (live recorded in London, 15 videos)
  • 2014 Complete Skin Series (9 videos w/handouts and citations)

Lectures & conference presentations

  • 2015 Carcinogens, Anticarcinogens & Dose-Related Effects in Essential Oils. 8th International Aromatherapy Conference on Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils, San Francisco, USA
  • 2014 Aromatherapy, A Personal History. 1st International Symposium of Aromatherapy and Wellbeing, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2013 Clinical Safety in Aromatherapy: the Way Forward. Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference, Miami, USA
  • 2013 Essential Oils: Safety Scares and Myths. Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference, Miami, USA
  • 2011 Dispelling Essential Oil Myths. Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference Miami, USA
  • 2010 The Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils in Soap. Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference Denver, USA
  • 2010 Forty Years of Aromatherapy Evolution. International Federation of Aromatherapists Conference, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010 Oxidative Processes and Essential Oils. International Federation of Aromatherapists Conference, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010 Safety and Aromatic Medicine. International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Conference, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2008 The Multi-functionality of Essential Oil Blends. The Health Show, London, UK
  • 2008 The Evidence for Safe & Effective Essential Oil Therapy. The Health Show London, UK
  • 2007 Challenges Facing Aromatherapy: Proof of Safety. Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference, Denver, USA
  • 1996 Mind-Body Medicine: Aromatherapy for the 21st Century. Tokyo, Japan
  • 1996 The Current Status of Aromatherapy in Great Britain and its Future. Tokyo, Japan
  • 1996 The Value of Aromatherapy in Modern Society. Atami, Japan
  • 1995 New Perspectives on Essential Oil Safety. Aroma ’95 Conference, Guildford, UK
  • 1994 An Overview of Aromatherapy Today. Vienna, Austria
  • 1993 Aromatherapy Today. Aroma ’93 Conference, Brighton, UK
  • 1990 Three presentations, American Aromatherapy Association Conference, Santa Monica, USA
  • 1989 Herbal conference (don’t remember name), Baton Rouge, USA
  • 1989 Massage Meets Botanical Medicine. American Massage Therapy Association Conference, Toronto, Canada
  • 1989 Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists. American Massage Therapy Association, Detroit, USA
  • 1988 Three presentations at the American Aromatherapy Association Conference, San Francisco, USA
  • 1988 Essential Oils as Medicines, The Health Show, London, UK
  • 1986 Essential Oils as Psychotherapeutic Agents, Psychology of Perfumery Conference, Warwick, UK
  • 1984 Healing with Essential Oils, The Herb Society, London, UK
  • 1977 Aromatherapy, London & Counties Society of Physiologists, Blackpool, UK

What Past Attendees Say

Thank you so much for your inspirational and informative seminar – I’m still buzzing with the thrill of being there! It was an absolute pleasure and delight to attend!
Sue Adlam (UK) (London, 2015)
Thank you for a great seminar and FINALLY some presented information on essential oils that is fully based on research. Thank you for your hard work to bring aromatherapy to the level it deserves.
Melani Kovac (Slovenia) (London, 2015)
Thank you Robert for sharing your knowledge in such a user-friendly way. I look forward to sharing my action points from this seminar with my colleagues.
Loretto Cattell (London, 2015)
Thank you for bringing us all here to London from so many countries! You shared with us so much really interesting information that is otherwise hard to find. I think we all learned at lot, and are going home with renewed motivation to study the complex subject of medicinal plants
Ana Licina (Slovenia) (London, 2015)
Wonderful experience! So much useful knowledge presented in a fun & understandable way!
Maggie Holmes (Santa Barbara, 2014)
Excellent presentation by a man who is a walking encyclopedia of essential oil knowledge. A privilege to participate!
Mary Ann Bosnos (Santa Barbara, 2014)
Robert has a wealth of knowledge about essential oils that is unsurpassed. A seminar with him is like a whole course condensed into a weekend.
Sarah Bearden (Santa Barbara, 2014)
Robert was organized, knowledgeable and detailed. He answered all questions to the best of his ability and provided a wealth of information. I recommend his class. I will be blending more effectively, and with greater confidence from today on!
Laura Murphy-Waters (Santa Barbara, 2014)
For me, Robert Tisserand is the final word on essential oils, as well as the myth buster and the advocate. He’s also the most gentle and kind presenter I have come across.
Sherrin Bernstein (New York, 2013)
Robert is the ultimate source for expert sound information. What an informed and generous educator!
Gina Flores (New York, 2013)

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