The goal of the Tisserand Institute is to inform the world and educate dedicated people about the benefits of essential oils, and their safe usage, based on genuine evidence, scientific data, and credible research. These benefits include:

  • Dermatological effects
  • Natural perfumery and psychological well-being
  • Healing and medicinal effects
  • Personal, institutional and food hygiene
  • Insect and pest control

The Tisserand Institute offers educational webinars and articles from Robert Tisserand himself as well as other accomplished scientists.

Partner with us as we explore the science-based and clinical evidence, and advocate for the wider adoption of essential oils into world awareness and beneficial use at

The Tisserand Institute

Excellent seminar, very easy to follow. I could’ve easily listened for another hour or more at that pace. You presented very clearly in a well-organized and entertaining manner.
I really enjoyed your online presentation and the handout info too… great job! The online option gets easier as you go along. :)
I really enjoyed it-both the content as well as the style of presentation. It was great having the tech support there, nice to get messages back from him in the moment. I liked the question time between each section.
I learned a lot from the webinar because your explanations were very clear and understandable and would recommend them to anyone. You were giving information in such a way that all levels of aromatherapists and students would find helpful.
The nicest part of the seminar, for me personally, was that it was all usable information. Everything that you presented I can not only use for myself, but also share with others in a way that they can more easily understand and appreciate.

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