”I hired Robert as an Aromatherapy consultant. His work has been exceptional. Robert’s vast knowledge has been cultivated over a lifetime of work with essential oils, research and writing. He is both professional and personable in his work. His dedication to accuracy adds to his excellent work. Robert is generous with his information and I consider him a role model.”

Andrea Butje, Teacher and Owner at Aromahead Institute


Some of the entities that I have either carried out consultancy work for, or have partnered with for seminars are listed below. I have also taken on many small projects with individuals. Small projects may be an hour or two, larger ones may continue for months.

Larger project work has included, for example:

  • Essential oil blending for personal care products
  • Research on the safety of specific cosmetic ingredients
  • Bulk sourcing of essential oils
  • Advice on essential oil testing and quality control
  • Database writing
  • An on-site presentation on the safety of a company’s product
  • Guidance on whether to invest money in a particular research project
  • Research-based information sourcing for a possible future product
  • A report on the safety of a product that would be used by pregnant women

Alliance of International Aromatherapists
Aromahead Institute
Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy
Avalon Organics
Back Porch Soap Co.
Biomedica Nutraceuticals
Bramble Berry
British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists
Czech Aromatherapy Society
Eden Botanicals
Fragrance Journal
International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association
Jennifer Jefferies International
Learning About Essential Oils
Organic Earth
Plant Extracts International
Plant Therapy
Shirley Price Aromatherapy
The College of Botanical Healing Arts
The Nova Studio
Tisserand Aromatherapy

I have also been engaged as an expert witness for legal proceedings in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Product Development

Baby girl smelling giant rose
If you are involved in the manufacture of skin care, personal care, air care, OTC health, or cleaning products, I can help you with new product development.

I have a personal collection of over 500 essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts, and a library of some 10,000 journal articles.

My competencies include data mining, functional fragrances, pharmacology, safety, delivery systems and technical writing. I have a passion for innovation, and I have 35 years experience in developing essential oil-based products.

Key Acheivements

  • Produced more than 50 new functional fragrances by combining natural perfumery with the therapeutic, hygienic, or cosmeceutical properties of essential oils.
  • Established the first company in the UK to market aromatherapy products, promoting the industry-leading Tisserand branded products.
  • Many of these products have won awards in the UK.
  • Early pioneer of using lavender as a product concept for skin soothing and calming products despite negative connotation; lavender oil and products now account for a large portion of company sales.
  • First innovator outside of Australia to commit to the use of tea tree oil in natural products, developing a tea tree shampoo.
  • Expansive knowledge of essential oil chemistry, metabolism, pharmacology, and toxicology, as well as the understanding of the psychological and behavioral effects of odor.

If you would like my help with a product development project, please contact me.

Essential Oil Safety

I am the co-author of Essential Oil Safety

Safety-related projects have included:

Report writing

  • The impact of proposed safety guidelines on the natural perfumery movement. USA. 2009
  • The safety of distilled lemon oil and lime oil in a proposed dietary supplement, with special attention to pregnancy. Australia. 2011
  • Essential oils and phototoxicity, for an established manufacturer. USA. 2011


  • Edited a chapter about essential oils in an aromatherapy book. USA. 2011

Expert witness in legal disputes

  • A product used by pregnant women. USA. 1995
  • The safe use of undiluted essential oils in the home. Australia. 2011

If you would like my help with a safety-related project, please contact me.

Essential Oil Safety

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