Can cedarwood oil oxygenate the brain?

Doing some research on Cedarwood EO for an event I am doing. I do understand that it is very high in Sesquiterpenes (95% to 98%), but some sites are claiming that Cedarwood can oxygenate the brain and that it can repair DNA damage! I don’t know how much of those claims are true?
Thanks, Devita

Hi Devita,

There are several cedarwood oils, but unspecified usually means Virginian. Virginian cedarwood is indeed high in sesquiterpenes: alpha-cedrene, beta-cedrene and thujopsene being about 80% of the oil, plus 15% cedrol and many other minor constituents.

Sesquiterpenes are generally regarded as safe.

Oxygenate the brain – that’s a very […]