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Lack Of Evidence That Essential Oils Affect Puberty
Christine F. Carson, Robert Tisserand, Tony Larkman, 2013

Aromatherapy for Cats (Animal Wellness, July 2011)
Vicki Rae Thorne and Robert Tisserand, 2011

It’s All In Your Head (Olfaction and Cerebrospinal Fluid)
Gina Flores, 2011

Essential Oils and Hypertension – Is There a Problem?
Robert Tisserand, 2010

Essential Oils: Premium Quality Yields Premium Results
Robert Tisserand, 2010

Tea Tree Oil Skin Reactions – Misleading Claim by Doctors on the Internet
Robert Tisserand, 2009

Tea Tree and Lavender Not Linked To Gynecomastia
Robert Tisserand, 2008

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