Can essential oils increase absorption of cancer treatment drugs?

Hello! Thanking you in advance for your time…I have a question regarding something that I read about peppermint and eucalyptus oils increasing the skins absorption of 5-fluorouracil, an anti-cancer drug. The study cited was Abdullah et al 1996, Williams & Barry, 1989. I am unable to find that particular study and wondered if you have […] […]

Can cedarwood oil oxygenate the brain?

Doing some research on Cedarwood EO for an event I am doing. I do understand that it is very high in Sesquiterpenes (95% to 98%), but some sites are claiming that Cedarwood can oxygenate the brain and that it can repair DNA damage! I don’t know how much of those claims are true? Thanks, Devita […] […]

Lavender and estrogen

Help please…today i was told that lavender essential oil can not be used when using estrogen cream therapy because of it’s phytoestrogen content…do you know of any research i could read about this or is this just an outrageous sweeping statement? Lauren, via Facebook Lauryn, lavender oil has an in vitro estrogenic action, as do […] […]

Can essential oils treat HPV?

Rachel M. writes: Dear Robert, Greetings! Because you are an expert with regards to using essential oils I was wondering if you could offer some advice or direct to me to research with regards to using essential oils for an advanced case of HPV (Human papillomavirus). I appreciate any information that you could offer and […] […]

Do essential oils react with titanium?

Hi Robert, I was able to be at your seminar in Ithaca and enjoyed it very much. You presented much needed information on essential oils research. That compelled me to pose the following question to you: Do you know of any research regarding if and how essential oils react with titanium? My son had a […] […]

Q&A: Essential oils for internal use?

Hi Robert, I wondered what the current advice/research is regarding the internal use of essential oils – specifically using oils on tampons? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Adele Adele – one important point is that, as with all other ways essential oils are applied to the body, they must first be diluted […] […]

Q&A: where can I find quality EO research articles?

Hi Robert. Could you recommend some particularly good sources/sites for current peer-evaluated journal articles supporting the efficacy of essential oils against MRSA. Also articles that demonstrate the therapeutic/healing benefits of essential oils in chronic care/long term care facilities? Much appreciated! -Melinda R. Hi Melinda, try and for starters. You can also try different […] […]

Q&A: I’m choking on wildfire smoke! Can EO help?

I am especially mindful of those in harm’s ways from the wildfires in Texas, USA. Today’s Question is very timely, and if you know anyone in a wildfire-prone area, this would be great information to forward along. Mike O. sends along a concern from Roswitha L. Been using your Eucalyptus and Myrtle EO blend, does […] […]

Q&A: Are vaporized essential oils a fire hazard?

Marianne asks: A perennial question – if essential oils are diffused in a room and someone lights a candle or a cigarette, is this a fire risk? If not, why not? At a famous Oncology hospital in the U.K. essential oil diffusers are not used for this reason – in case a spark from any […] […]

Q&A: is cedarwood oil safe in pregnancy?

Nancy B. writes Hello Robert, I met you at the AIA conference in Denver, CO 4 years ago. I follow your blog and have subscribed to your posts and comments. You are such a wealth of knowledge and I love the way to combine research and common sense. I have a question about juniperus ashei. […] […]

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