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Prague Report

In 2013 I was invited to give a weekend presentation to the Czech Aromatherapy Association, and we set the dates for April 26/27 2014. On Thursday, April 24th I arrived at the airport in Prague, and was met by Jaromir and Blanka, who then took me on a one-hour drive around their beautiful city en route to the Hotel Step. Many of the existing structures date from the 14th century. Friday was just for sightseeing [...]

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Australian Tea Tree Industry Insights

I spoke with Tony Larkman, CEO of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association, about the nonprofit he heads, his own introduction to essential oils, and issues facing the essential oils industry and tea tree oil in particular. Tony Larkman was born and raised in Kenya. After travelling extensively through Africa, Europe and the Middle East he returned to East Africa in 1986 to work first as a purchasing officer and then as a pig farmer [...]

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Estrogens in Plastic Labware

The safety of essential oils in puberty, and hormonal effects in general, are important health concerns. In a 2007 research report by Colorado and North Carolina doctors and scientists, in vitro evidence seemed to support the notion that lavender oil and tea tree oil were responsible for breast growth in three young boys, suggesting an estrogenic action. Although this article has subsequently been cited more than 180 times in scientific literature and is still widely [...]

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Is there such a thing as re-distilled peppermint oil?

Hello Mr. Tisserand, I am curious about re-distilled peppermint. Someone wrote me recently and said that there was no such thing as a re-distilled peppermint. I'd like to know if this is true. Thank you! Brittany A few essential oils are 'rectified'. Because this is also described as “re-distilled” it has given rise to the myth that many essential oils are distilled more than once - 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, or distillations. But, once [...]

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Essential Oils, Stroke Patients, and Bergamot

Dear Mr. Tisserand, I have been a student of essential oils for the last 15 years or so. I have what seems to be a defeating question. I’ve looked for the answer from some people in aromatherapy and tried also to find the answer online. Is there any kind of research on essential oils and healing the brain, whether it be strokes or epilepsy? I am particularly interested in essential oils on healing stroke victims. [...]

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Tea tree oil quality and constituents

I am writing this in response to a recent discussion on various facebook pages about tea tree oil (TTO), and whether a TTO with 51% terpinen-4-ol would be better than one with 41%, or whether 51% suggested adultration. Most TTO is produced in Australia and China, and this article is about the quality of Australian TTO, since the Chinese oils generally do not conform to the Australian standards, and there is no quality standard for [...]

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