Hi Robert,
I was able to be at your seminar in Ithaca and enjoyed it very much. You presented much needed information on essential oils research. That compelled me to pose the following question to you:
Do you know of any research regarding if and how essential oils react with titanium?
My son had a titanium screw implanted into his skull to attach a hearing aid to it. While that area heals it can be prone to infection and skin reaction. Of course I would love to use essential oils to prevent that. I have heard of Essential Oils reacting in a destructive way with plastics. I think they are fine with stainless steel. I have no idea what they could do to titanium.
I would appreciate any advice you have.
Karin E.

Hi Karin,

Great to hear you enjoyed the seminar in Ithaca!

I don’t know of any research concerning essential oils and titanium. Undiluted essential oils can react with tin (over a period of many weeks), and tin is quite a soft metal, and subject to corrosion from some types of chemicals. Since titanium is a hard metal, and is known to be highly resistant to corrosion, it is very unlikely that it would be subject to any kind of interaction with essential oils, especially diluted ones.

Best wishes,