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Robert TisserandRobert Tisserand is one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy. He works as an independent industry consultant, online educator and live presenter. He keeps his finger on the pulse of scientific development in the aromatherapy world, following the newest research and developments.

Learn more about Robert, explore the world of essential oils and aromatherapy through his online webinars and live events, and benefit from his knowledge through Essential Oils Safety, the book that sets the industry and home use standards.

Robert is also available for industry consultations and product development.

Latest Post

Lavender Helps Burned Boy – a heart-rending story with a happy ending!

In the winter of 1994, I was contacted by a Mandy Kelly, whose little boy Ciaran had been badly burned in an accident involving a wood-burning stove. Apart from wanting to do anything to help him heal, she was also an aromatherapy enthusiast. She called me and I helped her figure out the best way to use essential oils, lavender in particular, to speed up little Ciaran’s healing process. This happened in Scotland, and the most amazing part was that the surgeon who attended Ciaran was totally fine with essential oils and herbs being used, while Ciaran was still under [...]

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Latest Book

Essential Oils Safety – Second Edition

A Comprehensive Resource for Essential Oil Safety for Professional, Practitioner, and Industry Reference. The Only Reference of its Kind and a Must-Have Guide for any Health Professional, or Health Product Manufacturer.

A significant amount of new knowledge has come to light since the first edition of Essential Oil Safety was published in 1995. This new, thoroughly updated edition has been extended with new coverage and elaborated with greater detail and references to provide in depth, research-based coverage of both consequential new findings and newly tested past findings.

“Hands down… the best book on essential oils you can buy. Best book purchase I’ve made all year.”

-Lather and Lotions Studio

“Your new book is saving me endless amounts of time researching! It is so comprehensive, well written, and incredibly insightful. Truly an extraordinary book!”

-Jade Shutes, The East-West School for Herbal & Aromatic Studies

Comprehensive Essential Oil Profiles

Essential Oil Safety provides a rational basis for an analysis of hazards and risks based on current scientific understanding of their biological actions. The 600 newly structured and extended Profiles (either of essential oils or constituents) provide the only comprehensive, evidence-based guidance currently in publication to safe formulations and use of an encyclopedic range of essential oils.

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Upcoming In-Person Seminars

Comments from online seminar attendees:

Excellent seminar, very easy to follow. I could’ve easily listened for another hour or more at that pace. You presented very clearly in a well-organized and entertaining manner.
I really enjoyed your online presentation and the handout info too… great job! The online option gets easier as you go along. :)
I really enjoyed it-both the content as well as the style of presentation. It was great having the tech support there, nice to get messages back from him in the moment. I liked the question time between each section.
I learned a lot from the webinar because your explanations were very clear and understandable and would recommend them to anyone. You were giving information in such a way that all levels of aromatherapists and students would find helpful.
The nicest part of the seminar, for me personally, was that it was all usable information. Everything that you presented I can not only use for myself, but also share with others in a way that they can more easily understand and appreciate.
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