The Skin Series: 9-Part Video

Robert Tisserand Skin Series

Create skin care blends with confidence! Learn the importance of precise dilution; to what extent essential oils are dermally absorbed; how to use them to address skin problems such as acne, fungal infections, psoriasis, rosacea & sun damage, how to make simple preparations with safe yet effective ingredients, & much more!

The Skin Series is a comprehensive exploration into what is known about essential oils & their effects on the skin. It comprises 9 videos totaling over 5 hours of video material. Each covers a different aspect of skin care & healing, & each includes detailed notes in a PDF, with clickable links to scientific research.

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Check out my contribution to Good Health magazine’s recent article on aromatherapy and common health problems: Good Health May 2014 – Inhale for your health

On Thursday July 24th, I left home for my second visit to the People’s Republic of China! This time I was invited by a Beijing-based aromatherapy school, Floralwish. The most obvious difference from my 2011 trip was the weather – instead of November’s freeze, I encountered a very warm and humid August, with average temps of around 90F. And this time, after my weekend seminar in Beijing, I was going to repeat it a week later in Shanghai, providing time for some sightseeing in between.

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Upcoming In-Person Seminars

Essential Oil Chemistry & Pharmacology: the actions of aromatic compounds in the body
April 9-10 2016, Boulder CO

"Essential Oil Therapeutics" seminar, Minneapolis, May 2010

"Essential Oil Therapeutics" seminar, Minneapolis, May 2010

Comments from U.S. live seminar attendees:

Robert’s seminars are informative, providing lots of research to back up what he says without being overwhelming. He presents information in a fun and engaging way. Maryclaire M.

The depth of Robert’s class is amazing and the topics are extremely relevant for anyone in the aromatherapy world. Robert’s knowledge and humor make for a wonderful combination. Skin Care Seminar Attendee

For me, Robert Tisserand is the final word on essential oils, as well as the myth buster and the advocate. He’s also the most gentle and kind presenter I have come across. Sherrin B.

The breadth of Robert’s knowledge in the field of essential oils is remarkable. He is a gift to those of us working with these gems of nature. But for me, even more importantly, he is an outstanding teacher; having knowledge is one thing, but being able to clearly and articulately impart it is another. He has both, and this indeed is what contributes to genius. Maren G.

Comments from online seminar attendees:

Excellent seminar, very easy to follow. I could’ve easily listened for another hour or more at that pace. You presented very clearly in a well-organized and entertaining manner. Janina

I really enjoyed your online presentation and the handout info too… great job! The online option gets easier as you go along:) Kelly

I really enjoyed it-both the content as well as the style of presentation. It was great having the tech support there, nice to get messages back from him in the moment. I liked the question time between each section. Andrea

I learned a lot from the webinar because your explanations were very clear and understandable and would recommend them to anyone. You were giving information in such a way that all levels of aromatherapists and students would find helpful. Debbie

The nicest part of the seminar, for me personally, was that it was all usable information. Everything that you presented I can not only use for myself, but also share with others in a way that they can more easily understand and appreciate. Suzy

Robert Tisserand

Robert Tisserand

is one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy. He wrote the first comprehensive book on aromatherapy in English in 1977, and The Art of Aromatherapy is still published in 12 languages. In 1974 he established the first company in the UK to market aromatherapy products, promoting the now industry-leading Tisserand branded products. Robert was the publisher and editor of The International Journal of Aromatherapy, for 12 years and in the 1990s, he orchestrated three international AROMA conferences at British Universities.

He is highly articulate and published with worldwide lecturing experience, and his library includes several thousand journal articles. He has a personal collection of some 500 essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts, and has created many “functional fragrances” for products that combine perfumery principles with the therapeutic, hygienic, and dermatological properties of essential oils.

Today Robert lives in the United States where he continues to follow his passion for aromatherapy by working as an independent industry expert consulting to practitioners, colleges and corporations around the world.

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